BREED: Black Angus
DOB: Feb-April
Nigerian Dwarf goats
We have 4 kids for sale at this time. We have 2 does 1 buck and 1 wether goat. Our goats are ADGA registered, they spend a lot of time with small children and are very friendly. All goats were left horned this year.
BREED: Nigerian Dwarf
PRICE:$225 per Doe

$150 Buck

​$100 Wether

DOB: mid March 
BREED: Suffolk cross 
PRICE: $180
DOB: Feb. 9th 2018

Rocking W Ranch

Kids and Lambs for sale


We have two wether lambs to choose from this year. We practice long docking on our ranch. (docking at distal end of caudal tail fold) For more information please visit

Black Angus Cattle

We have no calf's for sale at this time. Please check back in summer.